ALWAYS a GREAT time... Got FISH!  01-06-2019


 HAPPY Fisherman!   27-05-2019

PLENTY of fish... Plenty of FUN!  16-05-2019

AUSTRALIANS enjoying fishing on Paradise One! 2019

FISH, Fish and more Fish! 2019

Another satisfied charter!  Happy Days~ 13 Jan 2019

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!    770 LB TUNA    Happy New Year 12/01/19

P1 enjoys teaching children all about the ocean life!  ~ 13 November 2018

Your kid can be a PARADISE ONE KID too!

SUPER day's catch!  Tunas, Bonitos, Rainbow Runners, Hinds, Barbers, Conies & Turbots~ 11 November 2018

Spectacular views from Paradise One!

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