PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US...we may be on the ocean when you send your request so it's possible it may be an hour or longer before we reply.  We will do so at our earliest convenience.   *Add a contact number to allow for a quicker response.

We often have individuals, groups or families that have never fished before.  They come prepared with many valuable questions.

Some may ask, "How do we go about catching some of these game-fish and have an exhilarating time doing it?
The answer: On board Paradise One
  1. You will charter a high-quality boat; spacious, clean, very comfortable and fast.
  2.  The captain and crew will always bring their 'A' game.  They are easy to talk to, polite, courteous, and mild mannered.  
  3. The captain knows how to read  the many 'Signs' that Mother Nature has to offer (when, where, why and how to catch the fish he may wish to target).
  4. Whilst the boat is underway to the fishing grounds, the Mate will familiarize himself with the clients, finding out how much and what type of experience they have.  Depending on the response he receives, he will give them a short lesson on the gear and techniques to be used on the trip.  
  5. In the event an angler loses a fish, the crew will respond positively and encourage the client not to despair but try again.  The crew will never shout and scream at the angler causing him/her to become nervous.  Nervous people will make mistakes.
In the event that the catching is slow because of either the bad tides, the time of day or the baitfish have gone deep, the crew will be willing to converse with the clients telling good fish stories based on previous trips, etc.  The clients will never be bored!  When the going gets tough, the crew know how to think, act and fish 'Outside the Box!'

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Paradise One Charters  

7 Colony Valley, Southampton Bermuda  SN04